The Habitat


Jan 2011-305 (640x424)

Designs by Wendy Marshall using nature as a metaphor to tell a story.


The Sculptural Habitat provides an integrated artistic and environmental experience. The natural organic processes of the Habitat serve as a metaphor for the broad concept of ‘transformation’ involving the spiritual and physical evolution of Humankind. In this concept, humanity’s growth and development parallels the evolution of a human being. The artworks and sculptures of the habitat range in size from micro to macro [30m long] and give physical expression to elements of transformation.


In 2004 the property needed considerable clearing of noxious plants, logs, stumps and wilderness. Development took about five years which afforded considerable contemplation of the area. During this period the broad vision of a sculptural habitat was born. Rather than impose a preconceived plan or foreign structures on the landscape, the large sculptural pieces would evolve within the habitat as availability of natural materials permitted.

Materials were scarce and progress seemed  slow until 2007 when a freak storm with hurricane-force winds left a trail of chaos and destruction. Suddenly, grand old trees standing for decades were felled and would now continue their lives in a new form and with a new identity. The organic nature of these major sculptural pieces complements and demonstrates dynamic transformation.

This partnership between man and nature is shaping the habitat’s ecological journey. As the sculptural habitat evolves, it will provide fertile ground for more art works. Within our increasingly complex world, the ideas expressed in many of the pieces are deliberately uncomplicated in design and construction.