This selection of images provides a glimpse and demonstration of our unique environment.

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The artwork

The major structures form a single sculpture which can be seen to represent the inner spirit of the Habitat. Equally, each sculpture can stand alone to represent an individual aspect of the  property’s essence. The smaller art pieces provide a different layer of activity where movement, filtered light, shapes and shadows play an important role.
At another level again, the quotations provide a connection to an unseen reality within the multiple layers of physical activity. Meanwhile, weather impacts on light, colour and movement, enhancing the life and energy of the art works throughout the seasons.
There are  20 sculptures and art pieces together with 13 open quotations and seven closed booklet quotations. All quotations have been selected for their relevance to the concept of transformation and originate within the Writings of the Bahá’í Faith. 
THE SCULPTURAL HABITAT HAS APPEARED IN THE FOLLOWING PUBLICATIONS: NZ Gardener; Weekend Gardener; Home magazine; NZ House & Garden; Contemporary Gardens of New Zealand; Face TV – 2 programs for Baha’i’ on Air can be viewed on You Tube.